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Eroding - fine and ultra-precise

With many years of experience, we produce precise and economical commissioned erosion parts. We work with high quality wire cut and ram erosion systems in air-conditioned rooms. We can also produce professional measuring records at any time with our 3D measuring machine.

Production capabilities:

  • Wire cut EDM
  • Ram EDM with up to 40-fold electrode changer
  • Start-hole erosion
  • The latest CAD systems for simple 2D contours right through to complex ruled surfaces


  • Outstanding experience in manufacturing individual and series parts
  • Experienced employees, also through in-house training
  • Thin-walled components, e.g. contacting for semiconductor industry, flexure hinges, etc.

Possible dimensions:

  • Wire cut EDM: Travel up to X550 Y400 Z400
  • Ram EDM: Tank size X1000 Y700 Z500
  • Start-hole erosion: Hole diameters from 0.1 to 6 mm, up to 350 mm deep
  • Individual parts, series parts

Machined materials:

  • Extremely hard materials: Hardened steel, titanium, carbide
  • Conductive high-strength ceramics
  • Aluminium and all other conductive metals
  • Copper-beryllium alloys


For further details on our Production range you can find our current machine list here.

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