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CNC milling - high quality mechanical production

We offer our customers technical expertise in the support and realisation of their projects as a competent and flexible partner. Ongoing investments ensure top quality standards. Every workpiece delivers new challenges and experiences in this field.

Production capabilities:

  • 5-sided machining
  • 3D milling
  • 6 axis turning/milling machining
  • CAM systems with comprehensive data transfer possibilities
  • Economical series production through 10-fold pallet changer


  • Outstanding experience in manufacturing individual parts, while tackling new challenges every day
  • Experienced employees, foremen and technicians, also through in-house training
  • Use of special and custom tools, e.g. for producing highly complex satellite housings
  • Free-form surfaces up to a pinpoint accuracy of a few µm

Possible dimensions:

  • Travel paths of X600 Y500 Z500 to X8000 Y1500 Z2500
  • Workpiece weights of up to 16 tons
  • Single parts, series, complete assemblies

Machined materials:

  • Ferrous metals: from steel and stainless steel through to Inconel
  • Non-ferrous metals: from aluminium to titanium
  • Plastics of all kinds
  • Carbon fibre composites


For further details on our Production range you can find our current machine list here.

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