Company Building

Training at Peter Feckl Maschinenbau

Feckl depends on specialist workers

Our success is based on the knowledge and experience of each individual employee. With our combined team, we can overcome the greatest challenges.

Feckl offers diverse roles

You wish that every day was not the same? Then you have come to the right place with us. We have customers from a range of sectors. Therefore, almost no part is like another. Varied tasks, even after years of work, will give you pleasure in your vocation.

Feckl offers an outstanding atmosphere in the workplace

With us, customer satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction. With a manageable team of 70 staff, everyone knows each other and works together.

Peter Feckl Maschinenbau

Peter Feckl Maschinenbau GmbH
Am Steinfeld 1
85659 Forstern / Germany

+49 (8124) 5386-0


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