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No order is like another. 

Our strength lies in reacting to inquiries with flexibility, promptly and on an individual basis.

Orders from the motor sport or aerospace industries are both proof of and an incentive for our consistently high standard.


Feckl - high quality mechanical production

The focus of Peter Feckl Maschinenbau GmbH in Forstern (35 km to the east of Munich in the district of Erding), with its roughly 70 employees at present, lies on high quality mechanical production. As a competent and flexible partner, we offer our customers technical expertise in both support and realisation.

Ongoing investments ensure top quality standards. In April 2001, the quality management system for machine construction and order production was introduced with certification in accordance with EN ISO 9001.

In 2003 - with our new company building - we were able to decisively increase our capacities and enhance production efficiency.

2016 saw the additional introduction of certification in accordance with EN 9100 for the aerospace industry. (see also Quality policy)


Feckl is committed to regional associations

Feckl is also committed to local associations. As such, Feckl sponsorship schemes include football, tennis and the training of F.C. Forstern.


Information and inquiries

If you have inquiries please use our online form:

Peter Feckl Maschinenbau

Peter Feckl Maschinenbau GmbH
Am Steinfeld 1
D 85659 Forstern

+49 (8124) 5386-0



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