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Environmental technology

In order to preserve our environment for the future, governments have now agreed on a maximum temperature increase of 2°C. The development and use of new environmental technologies is therefore essential. We too wish to participate in complying with this target.

We are therefore already involved in the elaboration of the design and production of test systems. Be it in the field of wind power, the generation of power through water or biomass.

Test rigs for flow research constitute a major part of our services:

  • Modifying designs for cost reduction
  •  Developing detailed solutions
  • Production of pinpoint free-form surfaces guarantees reproducibility of the flow measurements
  • 2D and 3D measurement records
  • Long and the smallest measurement holes
  • Assembly and commissioning of the systems also on site

Example products in the field of environmental technology:

  • Test systems with static and mobile measuring probes, 3-dimensional flow contours
  • Agitators for biogas systems
  • Components for water turbines
  • Stator elements for wind power plants


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