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Custom machine construction

The composition of the soil, the peculiarities of the environment and the uncertainty of the weather, all of these aspects often demand very special and newly adapted solutions. Starting with the expansion of landmasses into the seas, right through to the special production of railway sleepers, Peter Feckl Maschinenbau is a flexible and competent partner.

In Great Britain, railway sleepers are obtained from 140 metre long concrete strands through separation using a saw specially developed by Feckl.

  • Moving and positioning the saw over the sleepers
  • Sawing through the concrete sleepers with 40 ton pre-stressing
  • Surface for adjusting the cutting data and cutting movements

Further examples of products from custom machine construction

  • Lifting and turning devices
  • Components for soil compaction
  • Stamping automation in plastics engineering (connectors, etc.)
Soil compacting system produced by Feckl
Soil compacting system produced by Feckl



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