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To conquer the skies and space - that is a dream that mankind has long harboured. Be it the dream of enjoying a bird’s eye view, or the prospect of discovering life in the vastness of space. Everyone finds an element of fascination in this field. We therefore also wish to make the space above terra firma accessible to people. 

With the production of satellite housings, rocket nose cones, rotor heads and more, Peter Feckl Maschinenbau is a participant in the realisation of this dream. The extreme conditions of space pose the greatest challenges to the material here, and therefore also to its processing.

We produce precise turned and milled parts, also from materials that are difficult to machine, accurately and reliably:

  • Finest tolerances, also with complex shapes
  • Efficient machining of materials such as Inconel
  • Long-term experience in the use of special tools, such as angular milling cutters, for machining areas that are difficult to access
  • Tightest cooperation between programmers and machine operators ensures dependability, also with complex machining
  • Production in accordance with strict internal specifications for quality assurance
  • Recorded quality for each workpiece
  • Crack testing, permeability testing see Measuring & testing

Example products from the aerospace industry:

  • Satellite housings
  • Rocket nose cones, flange rings, fuel nozzles
  • Rotor heads, deflectors for ultralight helicopters

Peter Feckl Maschinenbau

Peter Feckl Maschinenbau GmbH
Am Steinfeld 1
85659 Forstern / Germany

+49 (8124) 5386-0


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